Welcome to Christophilsopher.com!

As is, this website is simply a blog, but it’s a very unique blog because I made it!

Right now, there are two sections in the menu bar located above.

The Lucid Learning Project & Christophilosophies

In the Lucid Learning Project, I try and delve deep into my mind to discover whether I’m able to lucid dream, and then whether I can use that lucid dream environment as a place to better myself while I sleep. It’s a long, ongoing process, but I just added Part 1!  You should check it out!  It’s a long read, but I’m sure you’ll learn something.

Christophilosophies are my musings on the world.  They range from serious tirades to pointless speculation, but all of them are at least interesting to consider.  These are my thoughts, put unto words.  Check em’ out!

As time goes on, I will expand my website and try and make it into a multitude of things.  It’ll we remain a blog, but it will also be a place for me to share my doodles, my music, my ideas and my stories.

Enjoy! :)